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At Sunderkiran Management Services it has continually been our endeavor to make suitable investment avenues to be had to investors right as much as the final mile. With this in cognizance, we offer a profitable business opportunity to individual financial entrepreneurs to apply our distribution platform within the capability of Business Affiliates or as Independent Financial Distributors (IFDs).

Increasing wealth in India, more interest in equities and different asset classes consisting of non-traditional options property and the emergence of an aspirational middle class, creates a beneficial panorama for full-size growth in wealth and asset control. Our Business Affiliates cater to clients with financial objectives inside the secondary markets and our Independent Financial Distributors deal with customers with interested by number one marketplace merchandise like fixed deposits, bonds, mutual Funds, Insurance & Loans.

A robust and price-powerful commercial enterprise model focused on improved transparency and compliance, synergistic partnerships and efficient era solutions, supports our tremendously custom designed approach to wealth advent. With years of financial distribution in the financial markets space we support our Distributors our information & expertise, full-size bouquet of services and products, in-intensity studies, robust era, steady risk control gadget and committed commercial enterprise development help, to power their organizations efficiently.

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