HR Support

AttendanceManagement- Sunderkiran Management Services’sattendance management System enables clients to set up shift, rosters and patterns while employees can view shift/shift roster and apply for change. The time and attendance management system recognizes attendance clock data from commonly used recording devices

Leave Management - Sunderkiran Management Service’s leave Management service enable our clients to set up leave policies, define guidelines and eligibility for leavemanagement. Employees can apply, track status, cancel and view balance and historical records, while managers can track their own leave and approve/reject applications of their team.

Performance Management- Sunderkiran Management Services helps our client develop their workforce with our comprehensive talent management delivery system that provides an integrated approach to managing performance and delivering effective training.

  • Performance management: Planning and evaluation support, feedback collection, and individual profile maintenance.
  • Learning and development: Learning paths and certificates, Administration, event scheduling, evaluation and assessments, accounting and content development.