S-Tailoring (BRTS)

S-Tailoring(BRTS) is Tailoring Billing Software is made for Boutique(Tailoring) Business.

Software's Feature Software Can be Used at
·         Can Easily Managed Existing or New Customer(S) Data ·         Boutique
·         Can Easily Managed Tailoring Information of Customer(s)  ·         Any Textile shop
           and also captured the image of Textiles.
·         Can Easily Generate the Bill.
·         Software send automatically mail or SMS to Customer(s) 
           of Trial Date and Delivery Date Reminder.
·         Can Easily Manage Tailor Master Payment Details.
·         Can Easily Search any Customer(S) Data.
·         Can Easily Find out Customer(s) Outstanding Details.
·         All the material image can be captured for the future trends. 
           Image of Textiles or Product can be saved for sampling.
·         BRT-Tracker can easily search for any Customer(S) Data or 
           any detail based on Mobile, ID_NO, Name, Address.
·         This Software Save Your Time and Tension.
·         SMS Facility