S-Care Hospital Management System

S-Care - Hospital Management System has been designed and developed for Healthcare organizations, to provide the finest automation and messaging systems. The solution being reliable and scalable, has been designed keeping in mind today's complex processing requirements and stipulations.

Features Major Modules
Helps in Efficient Management of the Hospital. Appointment Scheduler Doctor Transfer
Enhance Patient Care. Facility Management Company Transfer
Improve work efficiency. Patient Registration Block/Unblocked Bed
Improve Fiscal Contro. OPD Billing IP Charge Slip-Investigation and Other Procedure
Eliminate the chances of any Pilferage. Refund Entry IP Charge Slip-Doctor Visit
Easy to use patient visit details (OPD/IPD) modules. OPD Bill Settlements IP Charge Slip-Room Charges
Family wise patient records management. Advance Entry IP Charge Slip-Surgery
Various Predefined Certificate. OPD Bill Ledger Doctor Transfer
Billing and account manager for your accounting needs. Discount after Bill Company Transfer
Detailed demographical and clinical data analysis. View Estimate Bill Block/Unblocked Bed
Built in backup and restore facilities. Collection Register Date and User Wise IP Charge Slip-Investigation and Other Procedure
Multi-user and LAN compatible. Discount Register Invoice Entry(Provisional/Final)
Compatible with any Windows 9x or higher version. Cancel Register Advance Collection
Two Ways Synchronization. Service Register(Setteled/Unsetteled) Bill Settlements
SMS Facility. Cash and Credit Company Outstanding As On Sample Collection
Admission Details Acknowledge
Admission Patient Enquiry Result Entry
Bill Ledger Finalized Report
Bed Management & Status Chart Dispatch Entry
Operation Theatre Reporting Investigation Format Master for Numerical/Text/Profile
Discharge Summary Format Signatory Doctor
Discharge Summary Link with IP Creating Digital Signature of Doctor
Bed Transfer Strong Dash Board for Higher Management.
 Pharmacy/Store Material and Cafeteria is also link with this Software